Vivid Imaginations Studio

My Name is Jackie Miller, I started this blog several years back and enjoy bringing you HOW TO tips for remodeling along with some  short stories and more.

I have been inspired by so many of the artists in my family who paint with words, computer and canvas, to start a group that would bring us all together in one place to bring you greater variety and greater Ideas, more like a magazine would.

Vivid Imaginations Studio is  a  group of artists networking together. I will continue to bring you HOW TO information, Witty anecdotes and short stories. I will also be adding updates on my latest art work along with the art work of featured artists on our group. If you are a facebook member you can “LIKE” us by clicking Here. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Vivid Imaginations Studio”

  1. Wow! We love our Precious Pearls dolls!!! Amazing! They are so unique and beautiful and my kids love them. The stitching on the faces is my favorite, but I also love the hair! Thank you so much for creating such wonderful treasures!


  2. ppearlsjackie said:

    Thanks Sheila, we are so glad you are pleased!


  3. My girlies, Cuteness and Sunshine, received a doll each from Precious Pearls, and they are in LOVE with them! Sunshine named hers Aurora, and Cuteness named hers Sleeping Beauty. Both say they want another doll…We’ve had them for three years now, and these dolls are holding up well to a LOT of loving!

    Thank you for these dolls…they are truly, very precious to my daughters.


  4. ppearlsjackie said:

    It is so wonderful to hear that they are holding up to all the loving! Thanks Tiffany


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