Jackie Little Miller Art Blog

My Name is Jackie Little Miller, I started this blog to document my work in progress on my latest pieces of art work.

my hope is that you will get a little insight to my creative process and maybe to inspire you in your art as well.

“My desire as an artist and as a fellow sojourner on this earth is to truly touch the lives of those around me with my life and my art.”

1 thought on “Jackie Little Miller Art Blog”

  1. My girlies, Cuteness and Sunshine, received a doll each from Precious Pearls, and they are in LOVE with them! Sunshine named hers Aurora, and Cuteness named hers Sleeping Beauty. Both say they want another doll…We’ve had them for three years now, and these dolls are holding up well to a LOT of loving!

    Thank you for these dolls…they are truly, very precious to my daughters.


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