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1-work cheaper

Who would have thought that this cute pic would get my mind thinking so much today! LOL!

Have you ever heard the age old question “why does it come so easily to some people to draw and paint?”
BUT This is a flawed question. Because, It doesn’t come easily to any of us.

I have loved drawing and creating all my life. So like anyone with a passion, I worked at it. I colored every coloring book in the house. To my mom’s dismay, I drew on walls and mirrors. To my teacher’s frustrations, I drew on my homework and colored in maps in my text books. I asked questions and got tips from other artists. I even posed for a portrait class, just so I could over hear the conversation and the teachers advice, because I didn’t have the money to take said class. And everyday in my down time, I’m not watching Downton Abbey, I’m watching 1 of 100 artists I’m subscribed to just to get every tidbit of info I can glean from them to make my work better. Why? Not because art comes easy to me but because I loved creating art.

Some people play instruments, and it seems to come easy to them, but it’s their passion and drive to practice, that makes it look simple. Some people are absolute wizards at finances, mechanics, social media or technology… Why? because it wakes something up in them that makes the feel alive, free, smart and fulfilled.

I have had an online shop for about 10 years now. And I stink at it. LOL! I know I need to learn it because I know I would sell more if I were more schooled on the subject. But no matter how many videos I try to watch or professional who tell me “OH that is so easy.” It just seams so HARD to me, because I have no passion for it.

I’m not sure why, at least in this country, It seems that people have a tendency to think that being and artist and loving what you do for a living is not a real job, “it’s easy for you so you should just do it for free.” Is the attitude we hear from people.
Don’t get me wrong, no one is asking me to sell myself short and they haven’t for a long time. I’m not mad or hurt or even upset! In fact I find it strangely funny.

Y’all know I love to remodel. LOVE IT! And I do most of the work myself from foundation to roof, Yes I even know how to do wiring and plumbing. But these jobs take me SO LONG TO DO! Why? Because I don’t do them every day, I haven’t learned all the short cuts or what the best and latest materials are…
But I know I can call the skilled craftsman and they can come in and in 2 hours have the whole job done and make it look SO EASY! Even though I know for a fact it was hard work.

So If I called a plumber or and electrician and told them what I wanted from them in great detail, then asked them if they could do it for free or at least lower their prices because it is so easy for them; what do you think their response would be?
In fact most of you would never even think about doing something so rude. After all these people are professionals and they do this for a living because they have families to feed.

If someone you know has the skills to do something very well, it is because they have put in the hours of study and work to be able to do that thing. Even more so, if it is a skill you don’t have and you find yourself in need of this person’s services, Then PAY THEM what they are worth! Or work out a mutually beneficial trade.
My point is that any skilled craftsman/woman deserves to be payed for the all the years of hard work they put into their trade. Just like you deserve to be paid for the hard work you do! Even if you make it look easy!