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Photos by Kellie Trenkle 2012


This mother’s day is a special one for me. You see this will be my last mother’s day with one of my children living at home. In July our youngest son gets married and will move out to start a family of his own. After 37 years of marriage, this will be the first time in 36 years that my husband and I will be on our own.



I know that I will go through a short time of drastic mood changes as I will rejoice with our son one minute then realize I won’t see his cheerful face everyday. When my granddaughter, now 14, walks down the isle as a brides maid looking like a beautiful young woman, I will wonder where the time has gone. My Eldest grandson is serving a Best Man, How cool is that? I know that is going to make me loose it, and I’ll cry for sure when my eldest son leaves with his beautiful wife and my new grandson to head back to Florida after the wedding. But I am so Looking forward to so very much as well! Like my time ALONE with my husband. A second Honey moon so to speak!

We have known so many couples over our years of marriage that focused so much on their children that once the children were gone the marriage fell apart. So we have worked hard over the years to keep our love fresh and growing, and very much alive!

I am looking forward to evenings where we can have a lovely candle light dinner and not have to send the kids away first or worry that they might come home early and mess up our plans for the evening.

I’m looking forward to hot baths where I can completely relax without having anyone stand outside the bathroom door saying “Mom, do you know where my cell phone charger is?” Or outside the locked bedroom door with the same question. LOL! You mom’s know what I am talking about!

I am so blessed to have Four wonderful adult children that love the Lord first and then love us accordingly! Three Beautiful grandchildren, with hopes of more, or as my Dear Friend Thomas Suchy (my daughter in law’s father) says “MANY MORE!”


Happy Mother’s Day to all My Mother friends! Those with children of their own and those who are mothers of the heart! May God richly bless you and may you truly saturate yourselves in the love of your children while they are still at home! The time will come soon enough, and sooner then you think, when there are no more little heads to kiss good night, sleeping in the room beside yours!