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With a small house you need to use every square inch to its best advantage. As I needed a place for the washer & dryer, and I needed a pantry;  I combined the two. Framing in a closet area for both in the space where the old kitchen used to be seemed  the best solution.

I found this neat white wrought iron piece at a little local store  and fell in love with it. I purchased it not knowing what I would use it for ( but knew that I would build something someday just to use it). As the dryer needs proper ventilation, I used it as a vent at the top of the pantry and left a little space under the doors. The wrought iron piece not only  allowed proper venting, but allowed light into the cabinet. And without installing a light inside the pantry/closet.

We purchased a stack washer/dryer to fit our space better.I built the closet taking into account the washer/dryer manufacturer’s specifications for spacing and ventilation. The proper plumbing and electric were installed before the walls were covered with sheet rock.

As the closet was a custom size we could not simply buy doors to fit the opening. So my son-in-law built them for us “special order”. We were able to purchase the hardware at our local building supply store. Then as a final touch we added door knobs to match the kitchen hardware.

Walling in the sides with sheet rock and the top front with wood , I then added the wood trim to finish out the building portion of the project. Wanting the pantry/laundry to match the rest of the house trim I added the same wood molding at the bottom of the header (right over the doors). Mounting the hardware under the front edge of the opening and to the doors is simple and self- explanatory. Then I hung the doors.

Using wood filler, the nail holes and knots were filled and sanded smooth. Primer and paint, and I was finished.

We purchased a chrome storage rack from Costco that fit perfectly into our space. I also used the space above the shelving: by making a drop door hatch I was able to use this space to store paper towels.









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