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We chose to put in a tile counter top. To do this we had to make sure we had a good solid base. Any flexing in the base of the counter top translates into cracks in the grout. So we started with a solid 1″ plywood base. Then we added on top of that  “Hardy-backer” board.

















Your counter top will need to be screwed into place and secured. Little plastic corner pieces are already installed in your cabinets if they are  the manufactured kind. Simply place your screw through the hole and screw it tight. We had our son do the smaller cabinets that only he could fit into.

I think it is a great idea to involve your kids in every aspect of the project. This gives them a feeling of ownership and accomplishment. If you think about it , they will be home owners one day and face the  same kind of experiences. How wonderful to give them a head start in being handy around the house.

We chose small 2″ tiles for our counter top. (Actually they come in 12″ squares with plastic webbing holding them together) With the proper tiling tools these are easily cut to fit the small edge spaces and around the sink. Always measure your area before starting and do the math. Try to start your tiles in a place that requires the least amount of cutting. Also start with full tiles in the front – leaving the cut pieces  in the (less noticeable) back.








Once the tile is laid and cured for the manufactures required time you can apply the grout. This can be messy but it is fun and easy. Using the float push the mixed grout into the crevices. Follow instructions on the grout bag and you will have no problems.  If a project intimidates you or you are confused-“Google” a video; or check out a book form your local library. These are awesome resources that will help you to do it right and save money doing it.

Once my kitchen was done I christened my new kitchen by giving my granddaughter a bath in the new sink. Now that makes it home!







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