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578830_3099162418600_1089490711_nSo, I went in for my annual Dr.s exam the other day. As usual the first thing they do is ask you to step on the scale. No big deal, right? Well I step up and see the little digital readout right in front of my face. It calculates for a while, then up pops the numbers 335Lbs.

My first thought is, “Man they really need to get this puppy fixed.” Then to my shock the Nurse says “Looks good!”Now I am thinking “Are you kidding me? 335 is not good, I know I was putting on a little weight but really 335Lbs? Well at least I am carrying it well”

Then I dare to take one final glance at the read out before stepping off. This time I see something I missed the first time, it reads 133.5Lbs. Relieved, I just start laughing. Amazed at how my silly mind works and how quickly so many thoughts can rush threw my mind in just seconds time. Of course since I am laughing, the nurse wants to know what is so funny so I have to explain my thought process. I told her that I was thinking that they needed to get a new scale, but I guess it turns out that I need new glasses.

So later that evening after returning home as we sat and eat dinner my husband mentions that he has lost about 10lbs this last month. I told him “that’s nothing! Today I lost 200Lbs in one minutes! Can’t beat that! I Love My Life!

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