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So many houses today are built to look just like every other house on the block. Here we have a great example of a typical ranch style house. This original porch is strictly functional.

A privacy screen was added but  the lattice now catches your eye instead of the front door. Notice how it makes the house feel closed off and uninviting to family and guests.


The old porch had a cement base with an unattractive brick facing running parallel with the front of the house. A single stairway was the only approach to the house from the driveway. Removing the entire porch from roof to base we started all over.We then placed footing blocks for a deck style platform along the same footprint of the old porch. Another stairway was  added facing the street and we rebuilt stairs to the driveway. Building the steps centered in front of the door and changing the roof line of the porch was essential to redirecting the eye.  The center of  focus is now where it needs to be- to give a very welcome feeling.

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